Credence Best Designer Wooden Grooved Acoustic Panel is a kind of slit resonance absorption material which is made from a high-density panel with grooves on the surface and perforated holes at the back side. It is made of high-quality MDF Board and has outstanding environmental, Flame retardant and waterproof functions.

Product Specification:

NRC – 0.7-0.9

Front finish – Melamine, Natural wood veneer, Paint etc.

Back surface – Black Fleece

Standard Size –

128 mmX2440 mm , 197 mmX2440 mm ,192 mmx2440 mm

Thickness –

12mm, 15mm, 18mm

Grooved pattern –  13-3,14-2,28-4,59-5

Fires resistance – Class B1 & BS476 Part Class 1


The fixing rails need to be securely screw fastened to the structure. Insulation may be inserted between the rails to increase the acoustic performance if required . To increase the thickness of the cavity, timber battens of appropriate thickness will need to installed first, panels installed horizontally, start from the lowest panel and work upwards