Welcome to Credence

At CREDENCE we serve organizations/individuals with their customized wish list. Our products and services profile presents a broad range of solutions in a cost effective manner.

Globally the mass is coming at such a juncture where they need an easy buying process. To ease out on this Credence offers its concept selling into ceilings and acoustics. Keeping in mind all the environmental considerations; Credence not only sells but it designs and applies for you.

Credence Industries is committed to offer excellent service, a quality product and a personal relationship with both clients and staff in the work place.


Ceiling solution

Ceilings make your roof substantial and treating the ceiling can often lead to the best explanation for sound control. In larger venues…..Know more

Wall solution

A serene ambience delights us and increases the productivity of work and acoustics deals with the study of all mechanical waves in gases, liquids, and solids including… know more

Flooring & Seating

At Credence, we transform spaces to bring people and communities together. We offer a flexible range of specially designed flooring & seating solutions…… know more

Need a consultant

Our specialist work with the combination of different branch of acoustic i.e Audio signal processing, Environmental noise , psychoacoustic, Vibration, Musical acoustic   ….know more