Wooden Grooved Acoustic Panel

Credence Grooved Acoustic Panel is a kind of slit resonance absorption material which is made from high density panel with grooves on the surface and perforated holes at the back side. It is made of high quality MDF Board and has outstanding environmental, Flame retardant and waterproof functions.

Product Specification:

NRC – 0.7-0.9

Front finish – Melamine, Natural wood veneer, Paint etc.

Back surface – Black Fleece

Standard Size –

128 mmX2440 mm , 197 mmX2440 mm ,192 mmx2440 mm

Thickness –

12mm, 15mm, 18mm

Grooved pattern –  13-3,14-2,28-4,59-5

Fires resistance – Class B1 & BS476 Part Class 1

NRC Chart


The fixing rails need to be securely screw fastened to the structure. Insulation may be inserted between the rails to increase the acoustic performance if required . To increase the thickness of the cavity, timber battens of appropriate thickness will need to installed first, panels installed horizontally, start from the lowest panel and work upwards

Wood Colour Card
Grooved & Perforated Patterns