Diffuser Acoustic Panel

Credence acoustic diffuser is made of high quality MDF board and has outstanding environmental, flame retardant and waterproof functions. The various colors and finish choices can satisfy all the customer’s acoustic and decoration requirements.

Product Specification:

Finish – Spray Paint
Material – fire retardant MDF
Width – 128 mm
Length – 2440mm
NRC – 0.8-0.9
Thickness – 25 mm
Model –28 -4

QRD- Diffusers

Credence acoustic diffusers adopt the ORD diffusion principle that is quadratic residue theory, And the diffuser is formed from the quadratic residue calculation based on the different depth of the panels. The sound energy enters the different depth of diffuser and was reflected at different time, so the peak and the bottom spectrums become smoother and to make a more neutral and balanced listening space.


N 1 & N2 solid diffusion can disperse incident sound energy to avoid echoes and create the standing wave. Make the sound field is more uniform, improve the acoustic environment, and improve the brightness of sound. Diffusion frequency range 500 hz -2000 hz), the highest to 2529 hz. Environmental Performance Grade: E1(GB)


Material – solid oak wood
Finish- original color/wood color
Width – 600mm
Length – 600mm 1200mm 1800mm
Thickness- 100mm
NRC- 0.8-0.9


D series solid wood diffuser have a significant effect on stereo spread the sound energy effectively, prevent echo and standing wave ,playing the role of Omni-directional diffusion effectively and improving the brightness of sound and sense. Pro life ration of frequency range:615 Hz -3125 Hz. Environmental Performance Grade: E1(GB)


Material – Rubber solid wood
Finish- Varnishes/Mahogany Color
Width – 600mm
Length – 600mm 1200mm
Thickness- 100mm
NRC- 0.8-0.9


D6 & D6W solid diffusion through the multi-dimensional, comprehensive, multi-angle to spread the sound energy. This diffusion performance better, to improve the brightness of voice has a certain role. Diffusion frequency range: 675 hz -2150 hz. Environmental Performance Grade: E1(GB)

Eddy Current Test


Material – Litchi solid wood
Finish- Varnishes/Mahogany Colo
Width – 600mm
Length – 600mm
Thickness- 85mm
NRC- 0.8-0.9

Application Place:

Gym, audititorium, multi-function hall, conference room, lecture hall, recording room, studio etc.


It is environmental  friendly , fire retardant , Excellent decorative panels which gives various choice to create an environment of high standard in sound ,colour ,appearance comfort and ambience.