Credence soft fiber ceiling tile are manufactured from high density fiberglass wool. The visible face has a decorative fiberglass tissue and the back of the tile is covered with normal tissue. It gives excellent sound absorption properties ( high NRC of 0.9 to 1.0 ) and helps in creating noise free office space. All tile edge are painted to avoid dispersion of fiber, thus ensuring longer life.

Products Specification

Size : 600mmx600mm, 600mmx1200mm, 600mmx1800mm, 1200mmx1200mm
Thickness : 15mm ,20 mm, 25 mm
Colours : White , Black others on order
NRC : 0.9-1.0

Technical Specification

Material :Torre faction compounded high density fibre glass wool
Density :100-120kg/m3
Surface : Acrylic coating
Color :White/Black
NRC : 0.9-1
Thermal resistance:> 0.4 (m2.k/m)
Light Resistance: LR >0.80
Fire Resistance:BS476 (Part 6 & 7)
Sag Resistance: RH95
Edge Details:Square , concealed & Microlook

Application Area

Office, halls, amphitheaters, medical environment, clean room, computation rooms, business builidings, asepsis,workshop, boardrooms, medical care centers, optimistic offices, studios and places requested for special acoustics.

Features & Benefits

• Stable & easy to lift up.
• Durable & energy saving.
• High aesthetics.
• Humidity and fire resistant.