Acoustical Performance:

Credence Acoustical wall Panel absorb 90% of sound striking the surface – reducing noise with in a space and reducing noise transfer between spaces.


The panels to be suspended individually using the sound scapes fixed spring anchors kit, use innovative spring anchors kit, easy kit can find fixing position on the panel efficiently, spring anchor can be screwed into suspended panel clockwise. Each  panel to be suspended using the aircraft cables which are suspended from the soffit using the grippers structure anchors and its other end passing through bottom end cable adjuster.

Product Specification:

NRC – 0.9-1

Shapes- Square/ Convex / Concave / Circle / Hexagon / Trapezoid /Parallelogram/ Rectangle

Thickness –25mm, 30mm, 40mm ,50mm, 75mm

Density– 100-120 Kg/m3

Light reflection  – 90 %

Humidity Resistance RH- 90%


It is environmental  friendly , fire retardant , Excellent decorative panels which gives various choice to create an environment of high standard in sound, colour ,appearance comfort and ambience.