Credence Latest Designing Architecutural Place, At CREDENCE we serve organizations/individuals with their customized wish list. Our products and services profile presents a broad range of solutions in a cost-effective manner.

Globally the mass is coming at such a juncture where they need an easy buying process. To ease out on this Credence offers its concept selling into ceilings and acoustics. Keeping in mind all the environmental considerations; Credence not only sells but it designs and applies for you.

Credence Industries is committed to offer excellent service, a quality product and a personal relationship with both clients and staff in the work place.


Design process is the development of a concept. Our specialty is to develop your design, solve design problems in order to meet your expectations of architectural & interior needs.

Architectural & interior concepts are the way of responding to the design situation presented to them. They are a means of translating the non-physical design into the physical building product. Every project will have critical issues, central themes or problem essences. Concepts and solutions will begin to build and explore the different aspects required in your design and the values and ideas can come up with.

Many customers frequently request us for help with their concepts in interior designing for ceiling & wall solutions. We are here to develop your concept with a design, to accomplish your requirements.

Credence team will determine your application type, desirable plan; functional needs, site analysis & constraints. After analyzing all the aspects, our specialists design a solution for you.

Professional Areas:-

To ensure good aesthetics & to improve the work efficiency, it is must to provide a good acoustical workplace for a professional. Thus to have stress less environment which enhances accuracy & ability of work. Our expertise will help you for designing a solution for ceiling & wall to create effective acoustic for Offices, seminar halls, conference halls, Industrial spaces, convention halls, hotels etc.