Credence Industries Best Consultancy Services ProviderArchitectural acoustic is not about only to control the sound & noise level. It’s about to develop the environment that suits to its feasibility. It’s about to create good sound within the desired space. It’s about to enhance the quality of music. It’s about suppressing noise for a calm & healthy space to work and live in.

Understanding of how sound interacts & behave with its surrounding is most complex and here our acoustic specialist play a role to create most effective environment with the help of acoustical products & method of absorption, reverberation, refraction & diffraction.

Our specialists work with the combination of different branch of acoustic i.e. Audio signal processing, Environmental noise, psychoacoustic, Vibration, Musical acoustic   with the different engineered products of acoustic.

Our design & solution Consultancy fields are –

  1. Architectural & Interior acoustic
  2. Noise & vibration control
  3. Audio – Video system design
  4. Stage Furnishing
  5. Lighting