Credence Fabric Acoustic Panel”CREDA” is made from high-density bio-soluble resin bonded glass wool Absorbed with plain glass tissue on the back and multiple textile fabric surface options.


Credence acoustical wall panel can be easily installed over existing wall with surface mount impeller or directly over a wall with an adhesive.

Product Specification:-

NRC – 0.9-1

Standard size in MM

600 mm X600 mm ;600 mm X1200 mm

600 mmX1800 mm ;600 mm X2100 mm

600 mmX2700 mm; 1200 mmX1200 mm

Other Sizes Can Be custom-ordered

Thickness –

20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm ,50mm, 75mm

Density – 96-110 Kg/m3

Acoustical Performance:-

Credence Acoustical wall Panel absorbs 90% of sound striking the surface – reducing noise within a space and reducing noise transfer between spaces.


It is environmental friendly, fire retardant, Excellent decorative panels which gives various choice to create an environment of the high standard in sound, colour, appearance comfort and ambience.