Pet Acoustic panel used: Credence ‘s  PET  Acoustic Panels are large sturdy sheets, it is very soft to touch. The panels can be used in many scenarios such as wall and ceiling covering, in room dividers or custom installations.

Area of application:

  1. Conference rooms,
  2. auditoriums ,
  3. seminar hall,
  4. libraries,
  5. recording rooms ,
  6. cinema halls,
  7. Malls,
  8. study room ,
  9. stadiums,
  10. Disco, pubs ,
  11. Hotels and where ever you require Acoustical environment.

How we used in different  places and application:

We have a long  experiences with multiple cutting methods in Credence industries.

When designing a custom cut out, logo or signing in our PET acoustic panels, we’re happy to give you a cutting advice and bring you in contact with one of our trusted cutting companies.